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L’Université Blaise Pascal et l’Université d’Auvergne ont fusionné au 1er janvier 2017 pour devenir l’Université Clermont Auvergne (UCA).
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Master International Economics and Finance

School of Economics / School of Management Université d’Auvergne, Clermont-Ferrand, FRANCE
National degree.
Level: Master of Science, second year.

The MSc in international finance and economics is a one year program (“master 2” level). The first semester is dedicated to studies, when the second semester will be dedicated to training: internship or master thesis. Three tracks are available: development economics track, international finance track, and international audit track. Foreign students will attend a “French as a foreign language” course, in order to help them better integrate and be able to appreciate French culture.


The master is entirely taught in English. A French as a Foreign Language (FLE) course is mandatory.


• Access to professions in accounting, finance and economics in international private companies (big 4, banking sector...) or public institutions (government administration, international organizations…)
• Get skills in real life situations analysis, by combining theoretical developments, statistics and/or econometric approaches
• Consider a context characterized by ever growing trade, and a larger financial transparency (study of US Gaap and IFRS)
• Consider many international economics issues, and analyze them with economic analysis tools.

Programme Structure

Semester 1:
Core study modules
• International economics
• International strategy
• Economic and financial tools
• French as a foreign language

One elective module
• International finance
• International Audit
• International development

Semester 2 :
Training module

• 3 to 6 months internship
• Or master thesis


Entry requirements

- An upper second class Honors bachelor’s degree in economics, finance, accounting or a related discipline. Candidates are expected to have received a good training in either economics or finance/accounting and to have a basic knowledge in calculus and statistics.

- Candidates must have successfully completed 4 years in Higher Education Institutions, in order to entry a master’s degree second year: either a four year bachelor’s degree, or a three year bachelor’s degree and one first year of master’s degree.

- Candidates who are not native English speakers will match our English Language Requirements by holding an English language qualification to the right level: IELTS: 7; TOEFL IBT : 75, Cambridge English advanced certificate, TOEIC 850.

- Candidates will be selected by either School according to their choice of elective courses (Course Unit 3a and 3b: School of Management; Course Unit 3c: School of Economics)

- A CV and a letter of motivation are also required.
special academic interests, why he/she wants to take the programme.



International students will first check if their country of residence belongs to the “procedure CEF countries” list established by Campus France:

In this case, application to the master’s degree and for the visa will be done through Campus France ONLY. No other application file will be accepted.
If the country of residence does not belong to the “procedure CEF countries” list established by Campus France, and only in this case, students will complete the application file and send it to the following address:

Claudine Belot
School of Economics
Université d’Auvergne
41 Bd F. Mitterrand
CS 20054
63002 Clermont-Ferrand

Tuition Fees

National tuition fees. 256 euros in 2015-2016


Semester 1

Course Unit 1: International economics. 65h / 10 ECTS
International Trade and Development. 20h
Business intelligence. 21h
Change rates. 24h

Course Unit 2: International strategy. 47h / 6 ECTS
Foreign Direct investment and firm strategies. 10h
BRICS and world economy. 16h
Corporate management. 21h

Course Unit 3a: international finance. 42h / 6 ECTS
Behavioral finance. 21h
Governance and social responsibility of microfinance institutions. 21h

Course Unit 3b: international Audit 45h 6 ECTS
Financial auditing and fraud 21h
Comparative accounting 24h

Course Unit 3c: International development 43h / 6 ECTS
Poverty and development.18h
Principles of natural resource economies. 15h
Economic valuation of climate change adaptation in developing countries. 10h

Course Unit 4: Economic and financial tools 50h 8ECTS
Macro econometrics. 16h
Econometrics. 16h
Theory of finance. 18h

French as a Foreign Language 20h


Semester 2

Unit 5: Practical application – 30 ECTS
Internship: 3 months minimum – 30 ECTS
Or Thesis - 30 ECTS


Graduates from the MSc in International Finance and Economics will find positions in economics, accounting and financial services in large listed companies, in auditing firms, in bilateral development agencies (GIZ, NORAD…), governments, international organizations, NGOs…

More on why you should study this course

• The Université d’Auvergne is regularly ranked amongst the best French Universities, the School of Management is accredited IAE France.

• To offer this master’s programme, the School of Economics and the School of Management of Université d’Auvergne have combined their expertise in terms of training and research.
The CERDI (sponsored by CNRS and IRD) is recognized as a leading institution in research dedicated to international development economics.
The CRCGM focuses its research on Governance, which includes research on accounting and finance.

• A very helpful and enthusiastic staff will welcome you and help you deal with all different issues: housing, insurance…

Situated in Clermont-Ferrand, in Auvergne’s volcano park, the university offers excellent conditions for study and in a green region with a vibrant and vigorous cultural, sports and community life.

Development economics track


Jean-François BRUN, Maître de conférences


Claudine BELOT

School of Economics
41 boulevard François-Mitterrand - CS20054
Tél. : +33 4 73 17 74 63


Accounting and Finance tracks

Fabien ROUX

Carine Tailland

School of Management
1 boulevard Charles de Gaulle
Tél. : +33 4 73 17 77 27

Download - APPLICATION FILE MSc International Economics and Finance/Development economics track
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